When Life Serve You Lemons MAKE Lemonade

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Waking up with great intentions? All of a sudden things take a turn downward, life happens, now is the time to show exactly what you are made of. Get up hear, react then start your action into recovery. Life serves all of us lemons at times, but you are a winner and winners win. Overcoming adversity is what makes our life worth living.  This morning I got up thinking I was heading to the grocery store, but then I realized that the bank card I normally use, did not have the money on it. Wow, what did I do, well I started to check the banks and realize the money was put on the wrong card. It’s 6 am, now I have to wait until the banks open at 9 am, my entire morning will be 3 hours behind now. Ugh, I had a plan for my day. Now I need to make adjustments, starting from 9 am to work my way backward to keep everything in order. Come on today. I’m ready to get this lemonade.


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